LGB Fight Back

Valentine's Day
National Day of Action  February 14th, 2021

LGB Fight Back and Parents of ROGD Kids
sent a message to all young people,
gay, bi, or straight; black, brown, or white ...
    "We love you just the way you are!"
Valentine's Day
Parents from across the U.S. and Canada took to the streets to demand an end to medicalizing healthy children and stop the transing of LGB and all non-conforming youth. Their message was too important to let anything stand in their way; not snow or freezing temperatures, counter protesters, or hospital security. Protests took place outside of gender clinics in Los Angeles, Hartford, Philadelphia, and Ontario, Canada -- these were the first nationally coordinated protests at gender clinics in the U.S.
Are LGB & non-conforming youth being transed?
Dr. David Bell, a whistleblower and former governor of the Tavistock gender clinic in the UK, states, "This is a form of conversion therapy for young people who are gay or lesbian.” He contends that children were seriously damaged by the puberty blockers prescribed to them, and that their mental health conditions were ignored in favor of medicalization. Other former staff members have expressed similar concerns that the clinic performs "conversion therapy" and that "there would be no gay people left."
Who is Keira Bell?

At 23, Keira Bell sued the UK’s Tavistock, a gender clinic, and Portman NHS Trust for prescribing her puberty blockers and testosterone while she was still a minor. Bell has since come out as a member of the LGB community, and is fighting to protect other young people from experiencing medical abuse by unethical doctors and their staff. Watch the video below to learn more.

Who profits from transing kids?
Big Pharma is the number one beneficiary of "trans" medical abuses. Lupron, a common puberty blocker, retails for almost $2,000 per month before insurance. In the first 9 months of 2020 alone, the pharma company AbbVie made $571 million from marketing Lupron. AbbVie has settled lawsuits in the past, including a $140 million lawsuit for its overly aggressive marketing of testosterone products. These companies care about money, not about people's lives.
Why are young people being transed?
Kids and teens who do not conform to sex-based social norms are hearing the harmful message that they were "born in the wrong body," while therapists and medical providers are tracking them toward puberty blockers, artificial hormones, and harmful surgeries. These non-conforming kids often grow up to be lesbian, gay, or bisexual. Kids need time to grow up without any interference from the medical and psychological establishments. Kids need love, not surgery.
Is it just gay kids?
Teens who suffer from mental health issues like autism, ADD, depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and unresolved trauma are vulnerable and the most at-risk for being seduced or pressured into thinking that they are the opposite sex. These kids often adopt a trans identity thinking that it will alleviate their pain. Transing does not solve any of these issues nor resolve their distress. Ignoring underlying issues only makes them worse over time.
Doesn't transing prevent suicide?
The narrative that transing saves lives or reduces suicide rates has been debunked. Studies with a Pro-”trans” bias have been criticized for poor methodology, or overturned entirely. Meanwhile, credible studies have linked both puberty blockers and transing to worsened mental illness and increased rates of suicide.
What’s so bad about puberty blockers?
Puberty blockers interfere with kids’ healthy development, stunting the growth of their brains, bones, and organs. People who took puberty blockers as children develop osteoporosis in their 20s. Puberty blockers have been shown to lower IQ, worsen depression, and cause permanent damage to the testes or ovaries.
Isn’t gay and trans the same thing?

Transgenderism is a homophobic movement that attached itself to the LGB movement and is destroying us from within. While it’s true that an increasing number of LGB people are transing, they are doing so to escape homophobia or shame, both internalized and societal. Our LGB brothers and sisters are trying to “trans the gay away.”

Isn't transing overseen by therapists?

By law, therapists are required in many states to affirm anyone who claims a trans identity. The “affirmative model” prevents therapists from exploring the real causes of their patients’ distress. Some therapists even push clients, especially teens and young adults, into transing because they don’t conform to sex-based stereotypes. Doctors do not require a therapist’s recommendation, and often prescribe puberty blockers or artificial hormones at the first visit.
Born in the wrong body?
Pre-teens starting puberty often claim a trans identity. Many children are attracted to the idea of being born in the wrong body, because it sounds like a simple explanation for the natural discomfort they feel during puberty. 98% of teens will resolve their distress upon completing puberty.
The Valentine's Day National Day of Action
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