LGB Fight Back

LGB Fight Back is a US-based, multi-generational, grassroots organization of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people who advocate for the interests of the LGB community. We promote self-love and radical self-acceptance among homosexual and bisexual men and women, because we’re perfect just the way we are.

LGB Fight Back spreads the positive message of radical self-acceptance and self-love to all LGB people in order to combat internalized homophobia and prevent the further transing of our community members.

Transgenderism is gay conversion therapy.

LGB Fight Back builds community for and by lesbians, gay men, and bisexual men and women. Maintaining our boundaries is critical to the health of our community.

Maintaining community boundaries is not bigotry!

LGB Fight Back engages in public discourse to challenge transgenderism from an LGB perspective, expose transgenderism as inherently homophobic, and empower the public to boldly reject transgenderism.

It’s not homophobic to reject the T.

LGB Fight Back trains lesbian, gay and bisexual men and women to become activists in order to combat the “gender identity” movement that undermines the interests of LGB people.

LGB must drop the T!

LGB Fight Back strives to educate the public about the individual and collective harm of transgenderism for the LGB population.

Transgenderism is homophobia.

LGB Fight Back advocates for policies and laws that protect and promote the interests of same-sex attracted people. “Gender identity” legislation is in direct conflict with LGB rights.

Opposing transgenderism is LGB advocacy!

Promoting radical self-acceptance and self love for LGB people since 2020!

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