Valentine's Day National Protests 2021

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Valentine's Day

On February 14, 2021, LGB Fight Back and Parents of ROGD Kids sent a message to young people:

“We love you just the way you are!”

Fighting Back With Love

Parents from across the US and Canada took to the streets to demand an end to medical experiments on healthy children and to stop the transing of LGB and non-stereotypical youth. With love in their hearts nothing could stand in their way; not snow, freezing temperatures, counter protesters, or hospital security.

Protests took place outside gender clinics in Los Angeles, Hartford, Philadelphia, and Ontario. These protests, organized by LGB Fight Back, were the first nationally coordinated protests at gender clinics in the US.

Born in the wrong body?

Kids and teens are being sent the message that it’s possible to be “born in the wrong body.” Authority figures like teachers, counselors, and doctors are tracking young people toward medicalization to make them appear to be the opposite sex. LGB Fight Back knows that no one is “born in the wrong body.” We believe that young people need encouragement and support to accept themselves and get used to their bodies, rather than trying to change themselves.

*See Colin M. Wright and Emma N. Hilton, “The Dangerous Denial of Sex.”

What does this have to do with LGB people?

Big Med, Big Psych, and Big Pharma are targeting kids who don’t conform to sex-based stereotypes—kids who are likely to grow up to be LGB. Studies have shown that the vast majority of children who receive a “gender dysphoria” diagnosis will desist by the end of puberty and turn out to be LGB adults. LGB Fight Back’s mission is to protect future generations of lesbians, gay men, and bisexual men and women from being seduced by the dangerous lies of transgenderism.

*For non-sterotypical youth growing up LGB, see Li, Kung, and Hines 2017.

*For kids subject to homophobic bullying choosing to trans, see Delay et al. 2017.

*For “dysphoric” kids growing up LGB, see Wallien and Cohen-Kettenis 2008 and Singh, Bradley, and Zucker 2021.

Aren’t gay and trans the same thing?

No! LGB and T are polar opposites. Gay people are same-sex attracted; transgenderism denies the reality of biological sex. “Transgender” ideology harms LGB youth by convincing them that their same-sex attraction means that they are or should be the opposite sex, and that they need to medically “transition.” Today’s youth culture shames LGB people and demands that LGB youth adopt a “trans” or “non-binary” identity instead of being out and proud. In addition, the loss of so many adult lesbians to medicalization has robbed young lesbians and bisexual women of role models.

*See Jen Izaakson, “Losing Lesbians,” and Get the L Out UK’s “Lesbians at Ground Zero.”

What’s so bad about puberty blockers?

Drugs sold off-label as “puberty blockers” interfere with healthy development, stunting the growth of kids’ brains, bones, and organs. Adults who took these drugs as children develop osteoporosis in their 20s. These drugs have also been shown to lower IQ, increase suicidal ideation, and worsen depression. “Puberty blockers” are not a “pause button”: they have permanent effects, and they’re a pipeline to lifelong medicalization. Nearly 100% of kids who take them go on to take hormones, and most go on to have invasive and cosmetic surgeries.

*See Christina Jewett, “Women fear drug they used to halt puberty led to health problems,” Joseph, Ting, and Butler 2018, and Wojniusz et al. 2016.

*For the blockers-to-hormones-and-surgery pipeline, see de Vries et al. 2010 and 2014.

Doesn’t transing prevent suicide?

Transing actually increases the risk of suicide in both young people and adults. Credible studies have linked “puberty blockers” to worsened depression, and shown that children who take these drugs for a year have an increased risk of suicide. The largest and most comprehensive study of “transition” outcomes ever conducted linked “sex reassignment” procedures to worsened mental illness and increased rates of suicide.

*For puberty blockers and suicide risk, see Deborah Cohen and Hannah Barnes, “Questions remain over puberty-blockers, as review clears study.”

*For adult “sex reassignment” and suicide risk, see Dhejne et al. 2011.

Isn’t there any oversight?

No. Laws in an increasing number of states require therapists to affirm anyone who claims to be “trans.” The “affirmative model” prevents therapists from exploring the real causes of their patients’ distress—which often include normal discomfort over puberty. Some therapists even push clients into transing because they don’t conform to sex stereotypes or because they’re same-sex attracted. Doctors, gender clinics, and organizations like Planned Parenthood do not require a therapist’s referral, and often prescribe “puberty blockers” or artificial hormones at the first visit.

*Against the “affirmative model,” see Sexology Today, “American Academy of Pediatrics policy and trans- kids: Fact-checking,” Laidlaw et al.’s letter to the editor at JCEM, and the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine.

Who profits off these medical experiments?

Big Pharma is the number one beneficiary of “trans” medical abuses. Lupron, a popular drug sold off-label as a “puberty blocker,” retails for nearly $2,000 a month before insurance. In just the first 9 months of 2020, the pharma company AbbVie made $571 million from Lupron. Other financial beneficiaries include surgeons who perform cosmetic mastectomies on teenage girls and castrate teenage boys, surgical supply companies, and manufacturers of artificial hormones, who turn healthy children into lifelong medical patients for profit.

*For the numbers above, see and AbbVie’s own financial reports.

*To learn about complaints and lawsuits involving Lupron, visit Lupron Victims Hub.

*On boys castrated before they even turned 18, see Milrod and Karasic 2017.

Is this only happening in the US?

The “transgender” industrial boom started in the US, but it is now affecting young people across the globe. Fortunately, people are starting to wake up and fight back. In 2020, a young British woman named Keira Bell sued the UK’s Tavistock gender clinic for prescribing her puberty blockers and testosterone. And in 2021, Sweden became the first country to comprehensively ban the use of puberty blockers on children under 18.

*See Raquel Rosario Sánchez’ interview with Keira Bell and SEGM, “Sweden’s Karolinska Ends All Use of Puberty Blockers and Cross-Sex Hormones for Minors Outside of Clinical Studies.”

This National Day of Action was sponsored by LGB Fight Back and Parents of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoric Kids.

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