'Who is Keira Bell?': Parents launch mobile campaign warning against trans medicalization

By Brandon Showalter, Christian Post

“It was literally crickets,” said Carrie Hathorn, national organizer for LGB Fight Back, who told CP at the time that her group sent out press alerts about the Valentine’s Day demonstrations but received no response from journalists. “I was hoping that our actions would break the media blackout but I have now realized how bad it is,” she said.  Despite the lack of press coverage and well-known support groups, parents of transgender-identifying children who’ve managed to find each other have started demonstrating outside gender clinics nationwide, holding placards calling attention to the harms in transgender medical practices. Together with the recently-formed LGB Fight Back — a group of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals who maintain that “transgender identity” is not “gay adjacent” — parents held protests on Feb. 14 in six cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Information about these experimental medical practices hasn’t been easy to find and parents of gender-confused youth have struggled to locate helpful resources, the mother told CP. Bell’s story is familiar for parents of trans-identifying teen girls, the mother continued, in as much as the trajectory looks similar to how Bell became mired in gender distress and ended up with regret and irreversible medical complications. 

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