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LGB organizations have been co-opted by the T. 

In order to promote transgender ideology, billionaires created “philanthropic” foundations. These foundations donated money to LGB organizations, with strings attached, redirecting priorities and resources to the T and rebranding LGB organizations as “LGBT” organizations.

LGB Fight Back refers to these captured organizations as “LGBT Inc.” “LGBT Inc.” became the vehicle to indoctrinate LGB people into believing transgender ideology. 

LGB Fight Back rejects the idea that the T belongs with LGB. The transgenderist movement falsely claims that it has a shared predicament with LGB people. In reality, transgenderism is a homophobic movement that directly opposes the interests of LGB people.

The LGB community has been sold the lie that lesbians, gay men, and bisexual men and women (a group of people who are same-sex attracted) have something in common with the T (a political fiction). This strategy, known as forced teaming, has been so successful that LGB culture has succumbed to transgender ideology.

LGB people indoctrinated into transgender ideology have unwittingly become foot soldiers and missionaries for corporate-backed homophobia, with more and more being seduced into attempting to “trans the gay away.”

Due to external homophobia and the resulting internalized shame, some same-sex attracted people are drawn to perceived “cures” for homosexuality.

Many LGB people have turned to Christianity and attempted to “pray the gay away.” Transgender ideology promotes its own “cure” for homosexuality, though its proponents won’t say so out loud. LGB Fight Back calls it “transing the gay away.”

“Praying the gay away” is about not engaging in same-sex relationships. “Transing the gay away” is about pretending that your same-sex relationships are heterosexual. When LGB people succeed in passing as the opposite sex via medicalization, their same-sex attraction becomes invisible to the outside world.

 Both “praying the gay away” and “transing the gay away” are ways of trying to convince the world that you’re not same-sex attracted. However, “transing the gay away” has much more serious consequences.

Conversion therapy refers to the psychological establishment’s attempts to “cure” LGB people of their homosexual attraction and turn them into heterosexuals. Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and pastoral counselors who practice conversion therapy employ a range of physical and psychological torture methods, including electroshock and orgasm reconditioning through aversion therapy (e.g. needles, heat, or ice). They also attempt to “teach” heterosexual dating skills and conformity to sex stereotypes.

Homosexuality was removed from the DSM1 in 1973, yet today another form of conversion therapy, “transition,” is being championed by the psychological establishment (AKA Big Psych2). This form of conversion therapy is carried out by Big Pharma and Big Med via artificial hormones and plastic surgery, including cosmetic mastectomy, genital mutilation, and castration. LGB Fight Back calls this medical conversion therapy.

 Just like 20th-century psychological conversion therapy, 21st-century medical conversion therapy is faux medicine. Its practitioners are conducting medical experiments on LGB people in an attempt to make them appear to be heterosexuals (e.g. a lesbian couple appears straight if one lesbian undergoes medical conversion therapy).

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