The LGB Fight Back for the kids in America

by Jo Bartosch, Gay and Lesbian News 

 “Just when it seemed like the gay rights movement had gained ground, the medical establishment started transing the gay away. Transgenderism, transing LGB youth, is just the latest form of homophobia.”

  •  “LGB Fightback and Parents of ROGD Kids are grassroots, and in squaring-up against pharmaceutical companies, government and the industry that has built up around gender identity they have taken on an epic battle.”
  • The UK is leading the world in the fight to protect children with gender dysphoria. Thanks to the efforts of campaign groups, whistleblowing clinicians and prominent detransitioners, the UK government can no longer ignore the concerns raised over the increasing numbers of children adopting trans identities – but it’s a different picture in the United States, reports Jo Bartosch.
  • Across the pond the picture is more complicated: thanks to the private insurance system of medical care the grip of pharmaceutical companies on clinical practice is deeply entrenched. But recently, new groups, including LGB Fight Back and Parents of ROGD Kids (Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria), have begun to band together to challenge the medicalisation of children who experience psychological discomfort in their bodies. At the forefront of their concerns are the disproportionate numbers of same-sex attracted youth seeking to identify as transgender in order to pass as heterosexual.

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